Wednesday, September 25, 2013

boot reject

nothing too exciting, i sent back these boots from zara today.

i'm always looking for the holy grail of boots.the ones that'll change your life, go with every outfit, magically make you appear different. you know?

well it wasn't them. infact they are not me at all. too smart?

also, i confess i'm now freaked out by fake leather. just can't handle it any more.

right after i decided to send them back i got a huge bill to pay for a bunch of old fines that have been following me around the world for years.

so much for being good about spending.

i also wanted to bid on this pillow so badly. too bad today it reached £31.

i'm obsessed with donna wilson stuff. i love that it's made of wool. earlier this year they had a sale (which they never do) and got myself this scarf that i love.

oh well, you win some and lose some, i guess.

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