Monday, September 30, 2013


my laptop is getting so old that the letter d is getting lazy. so this post was almost called eleting

anyways i've been deleting a lot of annoying pinners on my pinterest feed.
it seemed like the natural thing to do after i stopped reading blogs for 20 year olds.

it feels so i like pinterest again.

all the models are gone, as the outfits with the high-heels and the trendy baby stuff. 

stuff like this.

do you live in a house like that where you wear chic yet minimalist clothes and high heels?

and do you give a shit what olivia palermo is wearing?

or about her in general?

and when you think of kids do you think about this?

or this? a mini lv? that's seriously fucked up. and vexing to me.

i just kept the interiors porn and the few normal pinners out there.

 i can dream of having a fireplace, right?


there are more probabilities of that happening that me turning into a jetsetter at the ripe age of 37.
also i am so over the mom blogs.

 i mean, i just became a mom too. in fact, while i'm sitting here i have two batches of baby food cooking-but bottom line is-who cares?
oh and food pins annoy the shit out of me too!

glad to get it off my chest.

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