Sunday, September 29, 2013

lazy outfit of the week

because i'm not completely grown up yet i've made a pinterest board à la cher in clueless with pictures of all my clothes 

of course then i had to make more boards to match what goes with what in terms of seasons and dressiness, which brought to this, this and this

that made me realize that i needed to reorganize my real closet accordingly, bc i always get stuck wanting to wear something that i can't match in the mornings, like a dressy skirt or sparkly something

all the dressier stuff i'll probably wear very little so now i can just give up and concentrate on being comfortable and stop spending a ton on smart clothes i'll never need

which brings me to what i'm wearing today and probably repeat for the rest of the week

shirt is from h&m, the white pants are from asos, they have a ton on sale right now, and the black studs are ten bucks

i'm lazy so i'd wear with h&m flats (i have 4 different pairs of these bc they are so comfortable and cost $12)

or with these suprisingly comfortable (rubber track sole) zara boots in bad weather

or with my fancy j crew flats if wanted to fancy it up.

the gold watch was a present from my husband and it makes any outfit shinier.

  i'm going to use my new ysl gloss that was on sale (the only way you can afford to buy any makeup in switzerland)

i'd been looking for a dark plum gloss since this summer while on a tv overload diet i started watching rachel zoe's show.

this shade reminds me of one my opera-singer grandmother would wear.

a little bit of lip-drama for fall.

we were supposed to go to ikea today but decided to stay home instead.

in my world this is an unprecedented insanity.

maybe this means i'm growing up after all?

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