Friday, September 27, 2013

paint and art

today i'm obsessing about whether to paint these veneer bedside tables (i use them as side tables in the living room really bc i don't like matchy matchy).

i'm too lazy to take a picture of the real ones but they look something like this.

so all of a sudden i started  thinking what would they look like if i painted them? the veneer isn't that nice and i'm not a big fan of brown anyways. they look ok, but just so. would they look better painted over? we're renters so it would have to be something pretty neutral or at least versatile.

i think that white might look a bit weird with the modernist lines-a bit too space-agey?

while black might be a bit too somber. so maybe a glossy gray? light, medium or dark? what are they trying to say to me? help.

my husband will say keep them the way they are, i know, but that's not really an option at this point bc
and i see now they would look better painted (theoretically, but probably not with my painting skills).

so far i've found candy-colored pictures like these

they make my mouth water but i can't commit to a color like that, nor will my husband be able to live with it. and right now we are working around a bright red front door. so there.

i like this gray one

i think it calls for gray in a glossy finish to accentuate the curves. the tables are not countryish enough for white, and too chunky enough to be black.

when we moved here we left a lot of my collected lowbrow art behind. i liked the idea of starting anew. but man, do i regret it now. all we've been able to add to our walls here is this biggass ikea botanical chart

which i loved for a while but am now over.

i got this kickass eboy poster for our paper anniversary that i'm dying to put up
but guess what? it would cost us over 400 francs to frame it!!!! that's fucking insane.

i'm so pissed so i'm thinking maybe it would look good if i cut it in two and stuffed it in two ikea ribbas? or maybe we'll have to drive to fucking france to have it framed.

in any case i regret not bringing my art, as it's obvious we're not going to find anything here. i should have known that

switzerland ≠ art 

but i wasn't thinking, i wasn't thinking. 

they do have this giger guy, though, which is pretty cool

and then there is always the "chasse" or venison season.

we're going to get ourselves some deer stew tonight, bitches!

check out the menu at le leysin

Civet de cerf de nos Monts aux chanterelles
Deer-Stew with mushrooms

Filet de faisan rôti, escalope de foie gras chaud et poêlée de bolets, sauce poivrade
Pheasant fillet and goose liver with mushrooms, pepper sauce
Risotto Vénéré aux filets de lièvre, jus sauvage
Black Risotto with hare fillet, savage juice
Noisettes de cerf aux poires caramélisées, jus corsé
Noisettes of deer with pears caramelized
Selle de chevreuil grillé au feu de bois, façon Grand-Veneur
Saddle of venison “Grand-Veneur” 

jealous much?

ps. blogger is a lot easier to use than wordpress

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