Thursday, October 17, 2013

how to frame large art

i've been getting a huge headache trying to figure out how to frame this huge eboy poster

i blogged about it here

you can get it here

fortunately a picture came to my rescue right before damn mercury went retro

pretty cool huh?

then i found this too to cement it all in my brain

finding affordable large art is such a bitch.

and when you do then you have to spend more than what you paid for the artwork (or 4 times as much if you live in switzerland like me) to get it fucking framed.

not to mention that last time i did that i had to leave the whole thing behind when we moved bc it was so fucking big.

so, recapping: i'll buy 8 ikea frames, cut that bad boy up and finally have something to hang over the couch on the biggest wall i've ever seen. 

and next time we move it'll be easy to pack, too.

up yours, hornbach!

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