Thursday, October 3, 2013

ideal house tour

let's start from the bedroom. it would look like this.

 masculine and minimal yet cozy. love the painting placement too.
the master bathroom is shinyville
the living room would also be in black and white and very simple. 
no frills or fear of mussing things up.
then i would hang a mirror over the sofa like this. classic and easy.
 of course there would be a fireplace. duh. here it is.

i like these knitted floor pillows a lot too.

i would have a beautiful huge fiddle fig tree in there too obvs.

there would be exposed beams in the house and white walls

except where i would use some blue-black.

the studio would look like this

all interesting and effortless

and anna's room would be a lowbrow art work in progress like this

moving on the kitchen would be all lived in and inviting and it would be the place where everyone loves to hang out.

outside it would be bunches of hydrangeas by the pool

and some more simple potted hydrangeas by the lawn.

thank you for checking out my fantasy home.

i'll be at ikea this weekend squinting real hard to make the things i buy look something like this.

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