Monday, October 7, 2013


we've been trying to fix our finances for months. 

not in the sense that they're in a bad shape, just all over the place
or at least in the us, italy and switzerland aka our last three homes.

so while will is busy studying investments and is sweet enough to ask for my input about what we should invest in (all he got out of me was "shoes" "and "ikea") 

i clearly have no idea 


i do know now what we need to invest in in terms of our interiors.

someday if we ever own a house it will be a smeg fridge and thonet chairs. 

(psst! i will love you almost as much as i love my family.)

right now it's art.

now we can neither afford paintings 
nor could we ever agree on anything-color, subject etc.

so i had an epiphany, we should get some photographs.

i've got it down to a set by kari herer

her antlers remind me of moving to switzerland, anna's birth and the flowers of my wedding bouquet, just the biggest events in my life

and if i can convince will to get me an early and expensive xmas present, we both liked maison gray's aerial beach prints a lot

i've been really pleased with the bear cub print i bought from sharon montrose earlier this year 

so i figure why not? photography is the way to go.

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