Tuesday, October 1, 2013

what i need from blogs

it's not lifestyle tips

i have babycenter for questions about babies

and pinterest if i need some eye candy. which i do, every day.

like this room, for example.

so anyway, what's left?

i think it's cool when people want to share something they think is genuinely amazing.

so sharing.

for example i discovered charley harper via apartment therapy one day and it was love at first sight.

now anna can enjoy his books

this was the first book i read to her.

so sharing.

and then being funny. 

we all need to laugh. two of my favorite blogs are go fug yourself and suri's burn book.

stuff that makes most days better, you know? like this.

Katy Perry’s new fragrance is called Killer Queen, and I assume, therefore, that it smells like Freddie Mercury (so, showmanship, capes, and tremendous pipes? I could go for that):This does not explain why she’s dressed like what would have happened had Cher Horowitz been forced to turn to milk-maiding to make rent money.

or this.

Back to school. Back to making Katie carry my bookbag. Back to judging strangers on the street. I love fall.

personally i think this is what the world needs.
lifestyle blows.

and here is a fashion blog i can tolerate. absolutely fuzzy.

she's my imaginary friend..

and a food blog, manger.

more than the recipes, it's the ambientation that makes you want to slow down and appreciate nature. this woman should give university lessons on being beautiful in an understated way.

and i also really like emily henderson's blog.

she's interesting and funny and not at all stuck up.

as far as mom blogs i like oh dear drea
it doesn't make me gag!

see? there is hope for me and humanity yet.

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