Thursday, November 21, 2013

puss in new boots

got these over the knee boots from asos.

they're going to be great travel boots, good for rain and serious walking/shopping.

unfortunately it's time for snow boots here. 

this year i'm always catching up, shoe wise.

on a different note, i've been asked to write a xmas list.

it makes me feel a bit pretentious but i'm giving it a whirl.

it goes like this:

anything to wear in green, from bright to dark green (avoiding lime and mint green)

j crew tippi merino sweater any color size s

classic pajama set, with shorts or long pants

dark chocolates with liqueur

scented candles (possibly white)

clinique chubby sticks, any color

dior rouge lipstick, any color

any marc jacobs or jo malone perfume

essie nailpolish, any color

earrings, preferably medium sized studs

kate spade small goodies

any burgundy purse (smallish)

anything from

duck boots (they run really big so size down one or two sizes)

bookstore gift card

dsw gift card

j crew gift card

i think it's a pretty good list. 

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