Monday, December 16, 2013

anna's room

anna's room has changed quite a bit already to reflect her budding personality.

walking in is the reading nook made using ikea ribba frame shelves and the vintage leather roche bobois couch that followed us from rome. 

the memory wall with anna's greatgrandparents' pictures, and some stuffed friends in ikea baskets that i painted a creamy white.

her dresser from ikea (duh) and hanger from zara, two gold vintage mirrors and vintage dress. 
the swedish star is a christmastime treat. i light it up at sundown every day.

ikea crib that converts to a toddler bed, polka dot ikea rug to cushion her should she learn how to escape head first (like her daddy used to do). 

the canopy is a necessity because the room has a skylight window  so it only has a blackout option. i think it's good if she gets used to napping with the daylight but i don't want her to bake! i got it on amazon.

i bought the cloud music box here in switzerland before she was born.  
i used to sit in her room imagining what it would be like to have her there, and listen to it. 
she smiles like crazy every time she hears it now, and i like to think she may recognize the tune from those days.

another view of the weathered couch and an ikea botanical chart. 
she would stare at it for hours when she was just a newborn, so i decided it belonged in her room (we had it in the living room).

the dress corner and my two old lowbrow art posters by tara mcpherson and ray caesar. 
the cute dots and triangles storage bags are from ikea and are great for storing extra nappies and linens.

the ubiquitous but versatile expedit from ikea that we use as a changing station. 
the monogram prints are freebies from here

the polka dot door was basically my nesting craze a few days before she was born
 the sweet cat hooks i got here in switzerland.

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