Monday, December 16, 2013

what i read and what i learned

i read a book that wasn't a novel for probably the first time in my life.

i'm a minimalist at heart, but i'm also a stuff lover. in fact i like almost everything, verging on the edge of love when we're talking about shoes and furniture.

i already knew i loved to streamline around the house and in my closet. i love to throw away stuff and make space for the new. but i'm always making lists of what i want to buy next, too.

so what did i take from this book when a lot of things i was already doing on my own?

1. if you make space you will invite new, wonderful things in life, in relationships, in your closet. don't hang on to yesterday.

2. if you think back you were probably the happiest in life when you had very little. 
strive to recreate the lightness of those days.

3. an object must have a function to reside in your home, closet or suitcase. 
 give these objects the space they deserve.

4. dress for the life you have, not wish you had.

5. don't clutter your time. 
learn to say no.

PS. I gave the book away as soon as i was done with it.

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