Tuesday, January 21, 2014

boden lois skirt

my favorite color has always been blue.

but when i'm feeling romantic about something i veer towards a very specific aqua shade.
it was the color i knew i wanted for the cake table at my wedding, the color on the invitations and of the dress i wore for brunch the next day (the first day of the rest of my life <3).

the color i use for every new blog.
the color of the boden lois skirt.

it was inevitable.
i'd been looking for a mommy skirt to glorify my status as a new, happy mama.
i received it today in the mail (international shipping is only six quid)
and it's everything i was hoping for:
  1. on sale for 17 pounds
  2. gorgeous soft wool
  3. it's comfortable and long enough that i don't need to worry about being indecent
  4. the color is genuinely gorgeous, and so far i've found a surprising number of things i can wear it with, rather than neutrals. stripy and polka dotted tops, bright green, burgundy, even coral and bubblegum pink (red might be a bit too cat in the hat for me).
 i highly recommend this.

if you can snatch one in your size in any color, do it.

just size down as it is long and high-waisted and
you want it to be fitted so the pockets don't bulge out.

ps. their sweet campaign was irresistible.

so is their ONE YEAR return policy.

take notes, j crew.

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