Wednesday, January 22, 2014

reasons why i love ikea n.2

sure it's great to discover a flea market or antique shop.

i have furniture that i've salvaged and lugged from rome to switzerland: 
specifically an eames shell chair, an old footlocker, a pair of art deco side tables, 
a battered caramel leather roche bobois couch, a 1960's childrens desk.

but as a family living internationally
how great is it to know that if we moved to japan next month i could still go out 
and buy a lamp to match the one i already have?
now or in 2 years time?

so i was going to buy this adorable bedding for anna's room from zara home

but i think i'll spend less than half as much 
and go with an ikea one that i can buy doubles of 
any old time i please.


ikea 1, zara 0

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