Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ways the mountain got me n.2

the mountain is so steep here 
(not to mention covered in thick layers of snow, ice and slush)
that it's really hard to get out with a baby.

i've asked around about how swiss moms get around here 
(although i suspect they stay in a lot during the winter).

i was told you need to be into getting a serious workout. 

not into that unfortunately (maybe once a week?)

over the winter break we bought a serious stroller to weather the elements.

here it is, the graco jogger.
i thought it would be a breeze to use it in the snow.

i was so wrong.

it's a workout. 

i got back from my first (30 minutes) excursion all sweaty.

i call it a tie (without the stroller i was a complete prisoner).


mountain 2, city girl 1.

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