Sunday, February 16, 2014

babies know better

i'm half way through this book, baby knows best

in principle a lot of the things it advocates i agree on.

the child is an individual. check.

i've been talking to anna like she's a person capable of understanding since day one.

you have to believe in the child's capability in order for her to believe in herself. check.

i believe in anna wholeheartedly.

the child has her own agenda, don't push yours on her. check.

i'm cool with whatever she wants to do, within boundaries. 

but when i reached the chapter about parents who do too much FOR their babies i started to feel a guilty twinge, last night.

SO this morning after i got anna up, changed her and fed her, i put her down on her playmat ON HER BACK instead of sitting as i usually do.

now, i know she is able to roll over and pull herself in a sitting position if she wants to. 
she also has her two baskets of toys almost at arms reach right now. 

but as i write she has been lying there on her back for almost an hour, contendedly at frst, but now she's started whining and howling at intervals, trying to get my attention (which she has, I keep calmly telling her she can pull herself up if she is tired lying down) but mostly wanting me to pick her up FOR HER, which is actually worse than what i suspected.

i guess i've been spoiling her without realizing it. 

i'm glad this book has given me a reality check. we all need that.

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