Tuesday, June 17, 2014

goodbye pine

 before and after picture of our bedroom armoire.

goodbye knotty pine nightmare.

i'll sleep much better tonight without all those little eyes staring at me.

see anna in demo mode in the corner of the bottom picture?


Sue said...

Nicely done. Did you replace the doors or paint over them? If you painted them - did you seal the knots in the wood first as they bleed oil out and will show through the paint eventually. I speak from experience even though I did seal the knots.

Sara Veroni Johnson said...

Hi Sue! I painted them. And no I didn't seal the holes before. So there are a few holes but I had no idea they might bleed. Tricky pine! I really am terrible at diy, even painting is a stretch for me. But I still like it better than before. I'm not a perfectionist. Last night I was trying to sell it to my husband like I was intentionally seeking the "wabi-sabi" effect (as opposed to just being lazy)! Next time I think I'll follow your advice...