Monday, June 16, 2014

ikea mangsidig

ikea online

my ikea online shopping cart

i'm always a fan of ikea's limited edition series. 
it drives me crazy that you can't buy them online, but that's because i live on a mountain and the closest ikea is 2 hours away. 

add a carsick baby to the mix and that really curbs my urge to shop. 
 it also makes me grumpy (i hate not being able to go).

i'm a big fan of their online shopping feature, now that they've got the shipping costs down to 10 francs. my last order (above) was very basic. 

i probably  surely would have spent more than the shipping costs by grabbing random objects i didn't really need, had i gone (so i will take advantage of this feature until they figure out it's probably bad for their sales).


anyways i like what they did with their latest series.

it focuses on the women workers that produced the items. 

i think that's very worthwhile and i would be happy to support this kind of initiative.
it would be nice if retail tried to connect the people making the product to the people buying them. 

i think even for the most conscious consumer it makes a big difference to put a face on things.

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