Monday, June 30, 2014

i'm back

we just came back from a fantastic beach vacation in portugal filled with family, friends, beach, fresh grilled fish and rose'.

and zara is having sales...

not too shabby.

here is what i grabbed (virtually).

gray sweaters are my bread and butter. i needed a second one as a security blanket. 
i liked the elbow patches on this one.

umm, yeah. more gray.
 i'd been looking for some gray jeans for a while. 
 gray is great for those gray days that are just around the corner (if you live in switzerland).

i have a black faux leather zara skirt i bought last year that i've really worn a lot. 
i like it with everything! 

so i thought i'd double up in tan. i'm excited about this one. 
 i got a size m so it wouldn't be so mini. worked with the other one.

i own zero leggings. really, it's possible. i just don't like them.

but i liked these.

the end.

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