Wednesday, June 18, 2014

nail polish vs. lipstick girl


i'm quite the nail polish girl hoarder.

every time i go to the states i buy two or three essie bottles. 

 i love their colors and i've never seen one i didn't like.

lately i've been trying to become more of a lipstick girl, due to the fact i can't really wear polish on my hands any more since becoming a mom (it lasts about half a day in all its glory, then turns to gory for about three days until i muster te effort to take it off). 

it's just not worth it any more.

so we're moving on to lipstick.

when i was planning our wedding i impulse bought this shade of dior rouge that caught my eye.

 it's called devilish pink. the name sealed the deal for me. 

i wore it at the wedding and it became my first signature shade.

i still have it but i get bored of wearing the same color and also of reapplying so i've been looking around.

then a while ago i bought this stila long lasting lipstick in fiery.

 it's become my go-to for going out, but to be honest that only happens sporadically.

i do like the long lasting effect so i got the fiore shade from asos to try. 

i hope i like this one.

i guess my best advice when trying to start wearing more lipstick is quality over quantity. 
there's something just awful about a poorly pigmented or garish looking shade of lipstick, on me.

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