Monday, June 16, 2014

one portugal trip coming up


portugal packing list

packing light this time since it's a beach trip (manta rota) and we're traveling with complicatedjet.

we'll also be briefly visiting gibraltar (i'm excited about seeing the monkeys and the husband can cross another place off his list).

in real life my scarf and leather sandals are from c&a (bought in berlin), the espadrilles, jean shorts and bag are from h&m (i still love it for basics), cami dress from asos (bought to sleep in but was too cute not to wear), pencil skirt and loose shorts (mine are basic, not lace) from zara.

it will be the first time we take anna swimming. she has a float vest and swim diapers and the smallest hello kitty shades. too cute.

i hope she likes the water and the monkeys too!

 i've managed to pack three days ahead of time again. can't help it apparently.

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