Monday, June 16, 2014

tiny model alert

i received the asos jacket in the mail today and it fits! 
i don't have to be cold any more and be forced to wear cardigans (i have a love/hate relationship with cardis, probably due to wearing them too often to cover up my tattoos rather than out of choice).

this is the second time i buy something from asos modeled by the above woman that i think is going to be big on me and then it hardly fits.
i think she is tiny AND skinny (i'm tiny too, just not skinny so i usually take a 6 or an 8 in tops (c cup) which is the size the models wear in the pics and on which i base my judgement in buying the right size).
nothing wrong with her being that way,  just be warned that if you see her modeling something you may want to size up.

i hope ikea and j crew also manage to get my orders here soon...


Keri Lou said...

Lovely pick from ASOS. I'm like you and always feel the cold so I love buying little jackets. Yes I think ASOS, like Topshop and Mango seem to be very small sizes. I'm also an 8 in the UK and they can often be very tiny on me too x

Sara Veroni Johnson said...

Thanks! I love basics so I got pretty excited about getting this jacket for 30 francs (about 20 pounds?) So nice of you to stop by!

Sue said...

Ha, that made me laugh. I've noticed that ASOS have used her for quite a few seasons now so she must be popular. The thing I don't get is why they never use genuine petite models to model the petite clothes.

Sara Veroni Johnson said...

Yeah she is pretty ubiquitous, that's exactly why I wanted to share that! And it's true, you can tell just by looking at how long-limbed the models are that they are just skinny, not short or petite. It might be the next frontier after plus-size modeling.