Tuesday, July 8, 2014

anna's room: from nursery to toddler pad

anna's room has already undergone multiple transformations.

i like changing things around to fulfill her needs (and ours). 

sometimes things don't quite work out.

here is what i'm still not fed up with after a whopping 14 months (record breaking for me).

1. h&m home duvet sets

they are so cute, modern and cheap. 

we don't have h&m home here in switzerland, so i sent my husband on a mission to buy two for anna when he was in london for a conference. 

i still love them.

2. woodland bunny light

i bought this on a whim (from ebay i think). it's too cute and anna likes to play with it. 

it will  also make a good night light someday soon, i'm sure.

3. ikea ribba ledges as book display

you've seen them everywhere and for a reason. 

books are decorative.
even babies like to stare at them.
they work so much better for toddlers than a traditional bookshelf (they can see what they're picking, as opposed to seeing only the book spines).

4. original art

i always knew i wanted anna's room to have a family wall with the pictures of her great-grandparents.

at first i tried to recycle things we already had around the house, but nothing stuck so i got some art just for her.

this cub print from sharon montrose and this donut print from the donut shop.

why? because we love bears and donuts in this house. duh.

5. painting things white

a vintage trunk, ikea baskets and doll bed

everything looks better with a coat of white paint. that's my mantra.

 especially true in kids' rooms, where there is always a lot of color from all their toys and stuff.

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