Monday, July 7, 2014


is anyone else excited about this?

i'm a huge fan of the shopaholic series. 

becky bloomwood is my spirit animal, you could say.

partially because her life's timeline was pretty attuned to mine (as in getting married, becoming a mom etc.) and partially because when i read my first shopaholic book it helped me accept my inner girlie girl.

i used to be so hard on myself when i was growing up: i was vegan, bought only second hand clothes. i was pretty hardcore about what was right and wrong.

becky taught me to relax a little and indulge in the pretty things in life without thinking too much (always a problem for me) or beating yourself for it.

15 years later i'm still going strong!

i can't believe this time i'll get more becky AND hollywood, another one of my guilty pleasures.

not sure why, but i love keeping up with hollywood gossip.

i read blogs like socialite life, go fug yourself and the superficial daily.

i hope it makes it to paperback quickly because i can't wait...

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