Sunday, July 6, 2014

closet cleaning

i decided to give another good clean to my closet and get rid of anything i hadn't worn in a year.

i was surprised to see how little it was:
the pretty shirt that i never wear because it gives me back rolls;

the tee i used to wear all the time, but now i pass on because the bra straps show out of the neckline;

the mousy taupe pencil skirt that is a size too big and makes me look dowdy.

i've been working on this project for a while.

it's satisfying to have only clothes i actually want to wear hanging there.

i'm not sure why but otherwise i tend to pick out the stuff that doesn't fit, maybe as a challenge (that i never win).

so i've been ruthless this time, and it was a lot easier figuring out what i felt like wearing today.

turned out to be this.

j crew painter tee

i love this and i wear this non-stop. never thought i'd be wearing it in july, but that's switzerland for you. full of surprises.

j crew 7 inch shorts in coastline aqua

picture is of the shorter ones. i love the 7 inch length. perfect for running after a toddler.
i have a thing for aqua, too. 

c&a leather sandals

i bought these in berlin and they're the first pair of sandals with horizontal straps that don't give me blisters. i love their simplicity but mostly how comfy they are (also that they were under 20 euro).

am i the only one who has a pinterest folder where i keep pictures of everything that's in my closet?

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