Saturday, July 5, 2014

end of an era

maybe the title is a tad dramatic.

today when i went to buy another smock top from asos i noticed that they don't offer free shipping under 20 francs any more.

i know it's pretty easy to grab something else that costs as much as you would pay in shipping.

still i'll miss the days when it was cheaper to buy mascara online than at the grocery store 
(oh, switzerland, when will you learn?)

i sized down twice this time. 

there's something i love about these tops even though they feel slightly like maternity clothes.

i just needed to buy a plain one because my first one was polka dotted and polka dots (as most patterns, really) are so not me. 

it took me a while to understand that i liked the top but not the pattern.
fortunately they still had a million of these.


Alexandra Petersen said...

i have just been having a browse of your lovely blog, I should be packing for a holiday and justify the procrastination on the basis that I may learn something. I love how you edit the fashion, it is so modern and clean (not something I have ever mastered!)

Sara Veroni Johnson said...

Thank you so much and happy packing and holidays! If you mean that you like the collages, just try using, it's super easy (a lot easier than taking your own pictures like you do, which is something I, in turn, admire).