Monday, July 7, 2014

movie night

last night we watched the grand budapest hotel.
i love wes anderson movies and so does w.
it's fortunate because our tastes don't coincide very often.
we both enjoyed it very much.

beyond that it got us talking about the similarities of the movie with our lives.
our small alpine village is pretty similar to the set: beautiful, cold and isolated:
we live in a belle epoque building that used to be a fancy sanatorium, now converted to boarding school.
it got me thinking about what i like about living here. 
most people i know like the mundane aspects of the village life: the skiing, the school community, the outdoor life etc.
i suspect not many people (probably just w.) understand that i do like it here very much, but for opposite reasons.
i love the feeling of solitude and isolation, being by myself and reflecting on things.
i never feel bored.  i don't really need company or something to do.
i could never find myself in a crowd again for the rest of my life and not miss it! 
however i would undoubtedly miss the beauty of this place if we left.

watching this movie made me realize how much i love it here.
the girl vs. mountain match is still on, but for entirely different and personal reasons.

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