Sunday, July 6, 2014

oh genetics

the first thing i heard when anna was born was the midwife saying she looked just like her dad.

since then i've heard that comment roughly about once a day. no kidding.

it's true, after all. here is the photographic evidence.

someone else said to me that means she will probably have a lot more of my personality (in a friendly attempt to make me feel included that gave me the shivers). 

i do hope for her sake she has her dad's even temper and rationality and none of my junk.

that said she has already shown some hilarious symptoms of having half of my dna.

specifically, she loves two things the most: books and shoes.

just like her mama.

i always knew i wanted to put together a reading nook for anna in her bedroom but i never would have thought she might like one so early (14 months).

so this morning i moved around some furniture and threw some pillows and a rug on the floor next to her bookshelves and she took to it like a duck to water.

i hope to pretty it up sometime soon.

here is some inspiration from pinterest.

i'm so glad anna likes books. books are friends for life.

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