Saturday, July 5, 2014



 our beach vacation was postponed to next week.
not a huge deal but i still had a dream about swimming in the sea last night, in that incredibly clear, green, cool water that i know so well belongs to chiavari (near the cinque terre, in liguria, italy).
 i guess i can't complain as i'm lucky enough to have been able to spend every summer there since i can remember, and haven't got sick of it yet.
my goal is to be comfortable every minute of it, this year. 
i'm not even bringing anything remotely dressy or glam (not even a pencil skirt) so i won't be tempted.
i always like to shop a little when i'm there, typically on the classic rainy day we get at every stay. 
on my shopping list are:
bras and underwear (i like intimissimi and golden point).
makeup (always cheaper in italy than switzerland. specifically i need more aqualumiere chanel foundation, maybe the only foundation i haven't found anything to gripe about).
still looking for a summer wedge sandal that's walkable in.
toddler shoes for anna.
italian books for anna.

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