Wednesday, August 13, 2014

lipstick capsule collection

half way through my thirties i decided i would try to start wearing lipstick more regularly.

i can finally say i'm happy with my lipstick collection.

it took me a few years of tweaking and filling up gaps (i especially had trouble with the reds).

for a while i thought i had just gone lipstick crazy and just couldn't stop my search.

now i feel i have the right one for each outfit/occasion and i'm happy to say that urge is gone.

for going out/date nights

stila long lasting lipstick in fiery and fiore.

i love these so much. 

i never would have thought that a (slightly) darker shade of red (blue based) would have been the right one for me. 
i've always been more of a pink kind of girl. dark colors are not for me either. 

this one works, mysteriously. it's intense, but in a good way (as in i don't look like a clown, just a tad dramatic).

the pink one is way bright, but i don't have a problem with that. it's more playful, less classic. 
great to liven up an outfit, a rainy day, etc.

if i lived in a city instead of a small mountain village i'd wear these every day. they're  a bit addictive.

here i really stand out even when i wear them out for dinner (a regular going out to dinner outfit consists in jeans and hiking shoes around here).

my signature shade

it's nice to have a signature shade.

i bought this dior rouge in rose diablotine on a whim and ended up wearing it for my wedding.

i hope they never stop making it and sometimes wonder if i need to stock up. it's a romantic thing.

a basic nude

i only need one nude lipstick really, for days when i feel like wearing a ponytail and winged eyeliner.

this dior rouge in the color swan does the trick. it's girly with just a touch of retro.

every day wear

kate moss for rimmel in number five

i like to dab this very lightly on my lips for a natural color (similar to my clinique chubby stick in super strawberry but lasts three time as long). looks best with a pink cheek, like you've been running around in cold weather and got slightly flushed.

clinique sugared grapefruit

a present from my mother in law and what a surprise! it's the perfect coral for me, somewhere in between orange and pink and so cheerful.

bareminerals lipgloss in game changer

it took me forever to find a red i can wear for daytime and not feel garish in. 
the fact that it's a lipgloss keeps things interesting. doesn't look like you're trying too hard. a winner.

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