Sunday, August 17, 2014

trojan scarf

i was so good yesterday at h&m, mostly because the price/quality ratio is not for me anymore.

as i get older i like nicer things more and more.

i did however get really excited about buying a simple camel scarf (on sale, 5 francs).

two reasons for that:

1. i plan on using it to "warm up" the tops i have that are too cool and dark for my coloring. 
all my gray tops (they're not going anywhere), burgundys, dark greens, blacks etc.

2. i thought i looked terrible in camel but secretly i've always admired how classic, sophisticated and luxe it looks. oddly i tried this on and it looks good next to my face (it's more or less the same color as my hair).

online i have NOT been as good, obvs.

with my birthday coming up i decided to treat myself to a few nice tops from boden. 

i have a selection of four tops arriving and got carried away and totally forgot about not ordering in bulk because of customs. 

ugh. now i'll have to pay extra. i hope they're worth it.

i also may or may not have ordered two pairs of boots over one weekend. 

i'm hoping to cancel order number one (lands' end) and keep the second pair (j crew). 

plan b is return the second pair i like better so far (haven't seen them in person or tried them on yet) and stick with the first pair if they won't cancel my order.

now i'm tired. whew.

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