Tuesday, September 30, 2014

fall festive

fall festive

these days i just want to look like i came out of a joules look book (wishfully) but instead i always end up with something different that i'd call "fall festive".

as in my clothes are in fall season, but my accessories have started thinking about christmas.

i received the asos life story plaid flats in the mail this morning and i was pleasantly surprised at how comfy they are.

for the price point (19 francs) i was expecting them to feel like cardboard. 

instead the textile upper is very soft and elastic, and the sole is also very flexible. 
they even have a bit of padding inside. 

i added an insert that i can wash and that keeps my feet separate from the man made inner lining, sprayed them with a water protectant, et voila'.


Diana Mieczan said...

Love those flats and the whole outfit is super cute! Have a beautiful Tuesday:) xoxo

Sara Veroni Johnson said...

Thanks, Diana! I love your blog....