Monday, September 22, 2014

girl vs. mornings


in the past couple of years i've had several big life changes.

got married, moved abroad, had a child.

which led to a total closet overhaul.
first by getting rid of anything too juvenile, to finish with finding some clothes that are functional but not fugly.

not an easy task.

i have many ideas about what i want to wear, but in reality i have about 5 minutes in the mornings to get dressed. 
let's say i have someone around who is impatient to get out of the house and likes to tear everything in my closet apart meanwhile.

i literally don't have a minute to think about what i'm doing, and so i end up grabbing the first thing that seems weather appropriate.

this is not ideal.

fortunately all that ruthless editing and tweaking left me exclusively with stuff i really like, so the grabbing works and keeps me relatively happy.

as in i'm not reaching potential, but i can live with myself.

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