Monday, September 29, 2014

maxed out

ha ha.

it's not quite october yet and i've reached my budget limit for the month (i live by credit card months).

that's all fine and dandy.

i'm pretty happy with my october shopping, except for a few black based dresses i know will have to go straight back.

i just wish my packages would hurry up.

while i wait i'll make a visual list of the month's finds.

i love plaid, red and pointy flats. what could be better than finding these on asos for 20 francs?

probably just finding a pair of tan leather lace-ups for 35 francs (asos again).

i'm also excited about these flats from mango. with their 30% off sale they were a steal. 

but what really convinced me was the fact they're navy. 

that's so hard to find, especially for this style.

i dipped my toes in a new obsession this month: joules.

i'm waiting for their penton scarf which i found through a pinterest link, on sale for 50% off. 

it's very odd because if you look for it on their site it's not there, and certainly not for the sale price. 

so i will call it destiny.

i also got a navy joules vest from ebay, similar to this one.

it was pretty intense but i'm very pleased.

now you'll find me stalking the mail room.


gigisgoneshopping said...

I would be waiting by the mailbox for those pretties, too! I love everything, esp the plaid skimmers and the faux fur. They look dreamy.

Sara Veroni Johnson said...

thanks, gigi! i received the fur scarf this morning and it's super soft and just the color i wanted. very high quality! i'm impressed as this is my first (of probably many) orders from joules...