Thursday, September 25, 2014

stay warm

stay warm

i have indeed inaugurated the boden british tweed shift today.

it's true that when you wear something that suits you, people notice and comment on it.
i should follow that lead more carefully. it's an asset.

 that inspired me to take the final and scariest step in my wardrobe revamp: get rid of all the black stuff.
according to my color analysis it had to go and it took me a while, but i finally felt ready.

i filled one of those large blue ikea shopping bags.
it's a lot of stuff and nice, too. some virtually unworn. lots of doubles.

i am just putting it aside for now. i don't want to do something drastic i might regret.
 now that i've weeded it out everything looks fresher and easy to coordinate. i could almost get dressed with my eyes closed and at worst i'd look like a boden stylist dressed me.

instantly i knew what i was lacking too, and started a mental list of what would be nice to add next.
  • camel pants
  • warm colored cords
  • brown oxfords
  • navy or olive vest
  • brown or tan sneakers
  • warm colored plaid shawl scarf
  • golden brown sweater
i actually feel like i have more because everything goes with everything.

i'm a little surprised even though the little voice in my head keeps saying "i told you so".


Keri Lou said...

Ooh lots of cute plaid scarves and 'plankets' around at the moment, I'm sure you won't struggle to find one. The little tweed dress is so cute, love the colours. Eek DONT get rid of your black goodies, store them away. I could cry thinking of the clothes I have chucked over the years, especially now in my 40's and they are all coming back into fashion lol! You will regret it xxx

Sara Veroni Johnson said...

yes indeed lots of cute scarves around. i'm going to stock up while i can! thanks for the good advice. my husband said the same thing to me. for now i'm just putting the black stuff aside and seeing what i reach back for. i also kept a lbd and a couple of purses that belonged to my grandmother. thanks so much, that's good advice!