Tuesday, October 28, 2014

about layering (and trends)

everyone raves about layering.

i really hate it.

i can see all the advantages: it's practical, allows you to adjust to the temperature you want, adds visual interest.

i admire it on other people.

but on me it won't work.

for one i'm uncomfortable, forever adjusting whichever layer has decided to rebel that day.

if i wore the above my necklace would have slipped inside my sweater, the shirt would have risen and bunched up inside said sweater, and the blazer would be tugging and making me sweat.

not to mention i'm 5'3 and petite, but large busted.

you really don't want to break me up horizontally (especially the legs). 

or put me in an oversized anything.

 i start looking like humpty dumpty.

not a good look.

you see why i have a love/hate relationship with boden, for example.

cute. adorable.

many times have i tried recreating a similar look only to end up looking like an aged third grader.

i have to stick with streamlined and fitted, at all times and at all costs.

which brings me to trends.

i always end up trying a trend for a while (whether i resist it or not at first).

never been shy about it. it's just good fun.

but has any trend ever worked out for me in the long run?


neons, wedge sneakers, wide leg jeans, boyfriend jeans, slip on sneakers, statement necklaces?

no, no, no, no, no and no.

and all this just in the last year.

so i've decided i'm not going to bother any more.

the new trend i'll be following is being yourself, for better or worse.

is it too early for a new year's resolution?


Sue said...

I don't do layering well either and rarely do it for the reasons you mention. I do think it depends purely on the garments you are layering though - if the jumper is loose enough, there should be enough room and less friction against the bottom layer to stop things riding and moving. Having said that ... I still rarely do it. I guess I'm just not a layerer.

Sara Veroni Johnson said...

Glad I'm not the only one!

Kristen J said...

Oh I completely agree!! I have larger hips, and layering always makes me look frumpy. Also, The adjusting drives me nuts too.. Being yourself is the easiest style and what usually looks best.