Wednesday, October 8, 2014

back to basics

i received a couple of basics lately that i'm really into.

 these leather brogues i got from asos.

leather, 35 francs.

pair well with jeans, skirts and dresses.

the gummy contrast sole is cute and also means i can walk around in them without the sole falling to shreds like leather soles will.

and this cream top from zara girls.

lace detail, 15 francs.

a winner.

i'm appreciating basics so much lately.

the versatility and the price tag just make me want to pick them over anything else, even the fanciest stuff.

so when i had to send back the (smelly) quilted joules vest i won on ebay i just jumped right back in the arena and got the matchstick jeans in the light wash i'd been wanting.

i have a dark pair that i love so why not spend my money on something i wear every day?

i'm even not sold on getting another vest yet.

i'm talking real basic here.

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