Sunday, October 5, 2014

boden sale is here

boden is having a mid-season sale.

i was good and didn't buy anything.

it helped a lot to decide beforehand what i really needed.

that didn't stop me from putting a couple of items in my basket (old habits die hard) but in the end i shook off the temptation.

i'm just going to stay put, return the items i decided to return, and then try to be very thoughtful about how to spend my credit.

i have to break the cycle.

i am also sadly reaching the conclusion that boden and i might not mesh.

something about the fit and the design not fitting my lifestyle.

so far the only things i loved are my two wrap tops

and the british tweed shift.

not a great turn out considering all the orders i put in.

i might have to stick to buying clothes for anna from them from now on (they're baby clothes are great).

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