Friday, October 17, 2014

mid season

mid season

still enjoying the very last days of warm(ish) weather here.

i know it's fall but i've decided to treat it like spring and continue wearing a few brights while i'm in a mood to match.

meanwhile, more mercury madness.

i've been waiting all day for the courier to deliver and he is officially mia.

no chance now of getting my packages until two weeks from now (i'll be gone all next week on a school trip to florence).

i did however already buy myself a christmas present while i was waiting.

i have the hardest time finding bags, especially leather ones, for a decent price.
i waited and waited and finally got this classic leather satchel from topshop on sale for 40 euro.
i can't wait to find it under the tree.

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Diana Mieczan said...

That bag is fantastic!!! What a perfect autumn piece. Kisses:)

P.S: Also, I’m hosting a beautiful $200 gift card home d├ęcor giveaway. Hope you stop by to enter. xo