Wednesday, October 29, 2014

new satchel

it's here!

the honestly priced leather bag i've been searching for so long arrived today (and the customs people totally screwed me over, using some dodgy exchange rate they found god knows where).

but still a great catch.

i'm so pleased with it.

and it's still available from topshop.

i signed up to for their emails and got an extra 10% off.

 36 euro for a medium sized leather satchel is not bad at all.

things i love about it:

  1. soft yet substantial leather. should last many years.
  2. timeless, yet practical.
  3. beautiful, warm chestnut color. bonus points for matching my new boots.
  4. great size and has two compartments, making it easy to look for stuff.
  5. gold hardware.
  6. i just really, really, really love satchels.

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