Wednesday, October 29, 2014

orange is the new red

i finally found the red lipstick for me...and it's orange.

and cheap. and long lasting. and matte.

here is ms. moss kindly modelling it in my place.

i've been looking for a long time but with no luck.

i tried stila's long lasting lipstick in fiery (too deep) and beso (too blue) because i like to put makeup on once a day (i can deal with reapplying lipstick once. that's how much patience/time i have).

i took a shot with the new rimmel apocalips matte in orange-ology and it just looks...right.

on me i think it looks more red than orange.

i can't believe my luck.

i also like that it's no transfer so i can kiss my toddler as many times as i want and not feel like aunt maude.

i got mine from asos.

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