Tuesday, October 28, 2014

shoe love

every year as autumn starts to creep in i fall in love with a shoe or two (last year was all about the pointed loafer and hunter wellies).

this year it's the loafer.

the j crew sophie loafer, specifically.

this will be my winter indoor shoe, perfect for snuggling inside while it's snowing.

i'm also falling for are these boots i bought in florence, from bata (great sale going on. stock up).

i really wanted a classic pair of chelsea boots to wear with jeans and skirts alike, but every pair i tried were either too clunky or cut too short and wide to work with skirts.

these fill that gap in my shoe collection.

i love the slightly pointed toe and their overall sleekness.

the way the top is cut (tapering in the back) also makes your legs look nice and tucks easily under skinnies (they have a back zipper that makes them fit just tightly enough) .

it's the first time i can wear an ankle boot with a skirt.

i feel like i'm a part of the civilised world again.

maybe one of these days i'll even wear a skirt again when i go out for a walk. imagine that.

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