Saturday, October 4, 2014


i can't stop thinking about the sophie embroidered loafers.

and time is running out. the sizes keep disappearing in front of my eyes.

i know they'll be gone by the time i'll be ready to get them.

i've decided i'm going to let time decide and not take matters in my own hands, for once.

of course i've been doing a lot of research for similar backups.

and look at those embroidered lovelies from talbots.

here  is a closeup of my favorite ones (although the gray ones with the acorn and the tweed ones are close seconds, and i would be happy to "settle" for the navy ones).

i am going to wait and see.

i'm still waiting for this month's deliveries to finish arriving after all.

the more i wait however, the more i think that it's worth waiting and spending a bit more for something you really love.

so i'll try to be more difficult from now on.

time will tell.

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