Thursday, October 2, 2014

wish vs. regret

i'm figuring things out, like what i actually wear vs. what i just stare at (in my closet).

so i have a big list of returns to make.

i wanted to love all of these but i didn't.

the boho top. not for me.

ditto for boyfriend jeans (with flats, which is all i can wear).

skirt and pink top worn too little.

basically don't fit my lifestyle.

sorry boden.

i hope you don't blacklist me.

moving on i'm working on next month's wishlist.

j crew loafers. i die.

matchstick jeans in a light wash.

i'm just going to embrace the fact i wear jeans every day. 

i love this color of tippi sweater too.

this boden shirt.

boden hoodie.

and scarf.

but what about this joules top?

or this one?

i'm sort of happy i have to wait because there are just too many things i have my eyes on.

what day of the month is it again?

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