Sunday, November 30, 2014

girl vs. budget

i love reading blogs for style inspiration as much as i love shopping online and seeing those packages trickle in through the mail.

one thing i don't love is the anxiety generated by having a budget to stick to (a good thing) when the way you shop is conducive to chaos (returns, exchanges, irresistible sales, etc. = bad).

i always ended up going a bit overboard every month before i came up with a solution in the form of a simple google excel sheet, as seen above.

it's so easy and i can also keep track of my shopping wishlist on the side. this is my sheet for december and i happen to have a christmas list there. everything adds up at the top of the sheet and if i return something it detracts that amount. it's foolproof!

i highly encourage anyone to try using something similar. i can now look my husband in the eye and truthfully tell him not to worry about the credit card bill being all over the map, because i have everything under control.

so no general feeling of anxiety for me and no surprises for him. genial!

p.s. you can see i reached my budget limit around the end of november, which means i have to be good for a couple of weeks now until the credit card cycle is over.

p.p.s. you'll find me pinning like crazy on my pinterest wishlist board at times like these.

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