Monday, November 24, 2014

girl vs. festivities

i've been ill and spending way to much time searching online stores for something "sequin", "sparkly","glitter" or "gold".

you know the drill. it's that time of year when you start daydreaming of wearing festive little dresses to christmas/new year parties. it's a fact of life. unavoidable like this virus i've been battling (he's winning so far. i haven't been out since saturday).

all it takes to trigger the frenzy is one picture like this one, then i'm off.

we've all been there. but chances are i'm not going to find anything so fab and frivolous for the price tag i had in mind.

so my interest moved to the color red. festive, check. easy to reuse, check. more unlikely to be completely overpriced, check.

this red dress from asos lived briefly in my basket.

however confusion regarding which size to take to avoid looking like a salame made me rethink and move on.

i may be back for it soon, actually, because asos is now offering 25% off party wear, speaking about enabling.

still, i have a hard time imagining that the tight, pretty dress won't end up hanging in my closet unused for 364 days of the year. that rubs me the wrong way.

so after sleeping on it i woke up this morning to this picture in my pinterest feed (from style within reach).

aha. getting warmer, better.

so back to boden's clearance i went after these red bistro pants.

see? cute, red, wearable for parties or the playroom alike.

my zara silver glitter heels are extremely excited about meeting them.

i imagine that many other people out there are going through the same thought process of figuring out how to get their festive frock fix.

i got mine unxpectedly in form of pants this year, but it works for me.

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