Monday, November 10, 2014

no. 2 is the new tippi

buying spring/summer clothes for christmas is really working well for me (i posted about that here earlier).

the boden top didn't work out for me (sizing down=sausage casing) but i was lucky enough to spot something special to replace it with.

something i've been wanting to try out for myself for a really long time.

something i'm now feeling pretty obsessed with.

really, i've been stalking these skirts forever.

on sale they're about 100 dollars and even with 40% off of that it was still pricey for me.

until suddenly it popped up for 40 dollars and i ended up paying about 27 dollars for it.

i took a wild chance with the size, too, and got the 00 (not that i had a choice).

so i was pretty surprised when i received it today and it fits just right (a petite length would have also looked nice).

i've been a huge pencil skirt fan all my life, just never found a flattering one before. 

i guess this is a classic case of you get what you pay for.

the color, fresh citrus, is basically a chartreuse, very bright but also versatile (i imagine pairing it with navy and flats in spring, then moving on to white and brights with sandals in summer).

the skirt is lined and made of a nice thick cotton, so no bumps, just curves.

other cheaper ones i've had either made me look stumpy or were too tight to breathe in.

then since i had 20 dollars left in my christmas budget i threw in a bathing suit, this sailor stripe underwire tank.

not bad at all for 200 bucks: some loafers, a mac, two pair of shorts, a pencil skirt and a bathing suit.

ok, so what if i'm going to be seeing a LOT of snow before i get to enjoy wearing any of these? 

c'est la vie.



Stephanie G said...

that's quite a good buy! love the colour of the skirt, i find jcrew cuts quite flattering in general. lucky you to be able to shop the small sizes! ;)

steph /

girlinthelens said...

Adore that vivid yellow skirt! The length is perfect and it is such a great splash of colour x

Sara said...

I was really lucky this time! Thanks, Stephanie and thank you too, Natasha. Both of our blogs are fantastic btw!