Tuesday, November 25, 2014

red red

red red

option 1

option 2
starchild earrings-tarina tarantino
glitter clutch-modcloth
glitter heels-manolo blahnik

i think the red on red trend will work for me during the upcoming festivities. 

i like to have options and then decide at the last minute based on mood. i suppose option n. 1 would work better in case of an indoor celebration and option 2 would be easier to take outside.

in the latter case i need to think about a viable coat option. i might need to throw in some festive faux-fur in form of a soft, not muppet-like jacket like this one. 

although the more sober and thrifty option would be my trusty zara wool belted coat from a few seasons ago. it's very much like this one and looks elegant with just about every outfit.


Bianca Davila said...

Hi Sara!

Love the Zara coat! Looks soft and cosy!

Sara said...

Hi Bianca, thanks for stopping by! That coat is a favorite of mine for feeling feminine...