Friday, December 5, 2014

denim fast-day 1

since i'm on a roll about wearing skirts these days i'm going to try not wearing jeans for a week.
hopefully i'll get out of this lazy habit i've put on of grabbing my skinnies in the morning and calling it a day.

i've been adding some very selected (for comfort, versatility and color) pants to my wardrobe and got rid of all the ones i wore  maybe once a year which honestly were just getting me down.

so far i've amassed four pair.

j crew motorcycle pant in fatigue (similar here)

with one more on the way.

what i love about all of these is that they fit like skinnies and their colors, that have to be either neutrals or brights (anyone else missing the colored jeans invasion of a few years ago)?

i get seduced by different silhouettes from time to time. how could i not? on the right person loose or column pants are so elegant and unexpected. bootcut and flares give the impression of longer legs. peg pants and joggers look so comfortable and understated and chinos are timeless.

but i've learned how to stick on what works for me. in a nutshell i'm petite and i wear flats. so skinnies forever.

just trying to expand my horizon a bit here and mix things up for at least a week.

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