Sunday, December 14, 2014

uncharted territory

every now and then i'll get up as usual one day and completely unexpectedly change direction. 

no good reason. all of a sudden i'm just done with a lot of stuff i considered to be my basics. this happens to me pretty cyclically. 

i get bored i guess. so i just put a bunch of stuff in storage and move on courageously.

i've been wanting a warm padded winter jacket that wasn't a sport jacket or a puffer for a while. when i saw this one i knew that was it. i ordered a medium on instinct, so it may look totally ridiculous (mango has some weird sizing).

i plan on wearing it over jeans and cute sneakers. it may look fab or make me look like a homeless person. it's one or the other for me!


1 comment:

Diana Mieczan said...

You will look great and I love that jacket:) Happy day, sweetie.