Friday, January 2, 2015

70's vibe

my must haves include crossbodies, shearling, glammed up menswear inspired footwear, turquoise jewellery, dangly earrings, high waisted denim, lip gloss, pull on boots and striped shirts.

i actually already own most of these things which is a good sign they might suit me without looking clownish (always the challenge when going retro).

right now i'm just waiting for some metallic loafers and a new crossbody to arrive in the mail. no rush since we're currently knee deep in snow here.

i encourage anyone out there who might have a different lifestyle than mine to go all out studio 54!



BHMVProductions said...

Great picks! The 70's will be very hot this year!


Sara said...

Glad you liked these too! I really really really can't pull off flares...